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Set Design and Architectural - Model Making

Most of my two decades in the entertainment industry have been designing and building models. I've built models for Visual Effects, Theme Parks, Architecture, Aerospace, study and display.

Note:These images are presented here for portfolio purposes only. These images are not available for sale or to be given away in hard copy or digitally in any scale. I will be happy to show hard-copy during a legitimate job interview for Set Designer.

The Pit
Model of a set of the pit of a drag strip for Titus, 2001.
The Castle
Models for The Castle for DreamWorks. 2001
Collateral Damage
In addition to almost 50 sheets of drawings, I also built five models for Collateral Damage. 2000
Assistance League of Southern California Design House, 
Assistance League of Southern California Design House, 2000. Model for P. M. Designs.
Study model of Castle for Shrek, 1997.
Model of house set for Cracker, 1997.
Study model for Contact, 1996. This is the sphere that Jody Foster travels in.
 Indiana Boomtown Casino Animation
Indiana Boomtown Casino study model. 1995
Batman Forever
Claw Island, Riddler's base, Batman Forever, I built this
Visual Effects model from a minimum of drawings. It required me to supply much design interpretation. I was
advised by James Hegedus, the Visual Effects Art Director, to include this in my Set Design portfolio, 1995.
Model for Ramayan. Made to show that I could do the job and how well the computer could be used as a multi-function tool.
Galaxy Star
Quick study models for a complex built into an asteroid for Galaxy Star, a film that didn't reach production.
Lucky Goldstar
Lucy Goldstar, simulator ride. Managed laser cutting for Boss Film, 1992.
Lucky Goldstar
Lucy Goldstar, simulator ride.
Managed laser cutting for Boss Film, 1992.
One of forty AutoCAD drawings I created to facilitate the laser cutting.
Tokyo Disneyland, Second Gate Studio Tour
Tokyo Disneyland, "Second Gate" Studio Tour. Walt Disney Imagineering, 1990.
Universal Tours, Florida
On three separate occasions, I built study models of Universal Tours, Florida. Two versions for Design Models Inc. and one model of the final while working for Universal Studios.
Cinimatix Cinimatix
Several foam core models of theme park and other facilities for Cinimatix and John De Cuir Jr. in 1988.
Space Station
I made a number of aerospace display models. This model used three space shuttle external tanks as a beginning to a space station.
I built over 200 of these desktop display models for SpaceHab Inc. in 1990.
Architectural Model Desalination Plant
I worked at Design Models Incorporated many times between 1981 and 1993. Design Models Incorporated was a full service model shop catering to petrochemical, aerospace, architecture, engineering, ship building, military, entertainment, and other industries. The models were of high quality. Unfortunately, I think they fell victim to the general fall off of some of these industries in Southern California in the early to mid 1990's and I can no longer locate them. The image on the left is an architectural model, the image on the right is a model of a desalination plant for Saudi Arabia.
Furniture for Exxon/Esso Gas Station.
Communicore, EPCOT, Walt Disney World. Television studio model built for Brubaker Group, 1982.

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