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Miscellaneous Designs

These are projects that I did in school or just for myself.
I wanted to include them somewhere, so here they are.

Dessert Rest Stop
Dessert Rest Stop. Art center, Pasadena.
Dessert Rest Stop
Dessert Rest Stop. Art center, Pasadena.

Desert Shelter

Final project
Introduction to Environmental Design
Art center College of Design
Christapher Aykanian: Instructor

Near the town of Bagdad, in the Mojave desert, CalTrans is about to build a rest stop near the entrance to the new Golden Tailed Kangaroo Rat Refuge. The Save the Golden Tailed Kangaroo Rat Association (SaGTaKRA) has successfully petitioned to be allowed to add an education kiosk and shop to the rest stop. The site is nestled between boulders and over looks the refuge. The site is slops slightly down hill. The parking area is about 600' long, but the site for the building area is only 100' long and 75' deep with sites for picnic tables to the sides between the boulders.

SaGTaKRA will operate a small gift shop with a small refreshment counter. There will be a small field office and small storage room in back. There will be rest room facilities open 24 hours including a shower in each and rest rooms inside the building. There will be a viewing platform facing the refuge. The picnic tables will be shaded. Adequate parking will be provided for cars and trucks. The rest stop must have a minimal impact on the site.

A pool for a night class at Art center of Design. The stylized split nature of the drawing was the instructor's idea. I felt that it made the drawing difficult for a client to understand. About 1990.
Desert House
A futuristic desert house. 1982
Chino redevelopment.
Deep Sea Six
Deep Sea Six, underwater city.
Deep Sea Six
Deep Sea Six, underwater city.

A research facility. School project while at Cal Poly,
Pomona, 1976.

Pending .


Web Design

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