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Traditional Pencil Drafting

Computer aided and/or traditional drafting. No job too small.
While I began using AutoCAD© for computer drafting in 1991, I learned traditional pencil drafting 30 years ago.

Because pencil drawings on large pieces of paper are not as flexible and clean as digital computer data, these pencil drawings don't look as good as digital data.

Click here for Traditional Pencil Drafting for Interior Design.

Click here for Traditional Pencil Drafting for Set Design.

Note: These drawings are presented here for portfolio purposes only. These drawings are not available for sale or to be given away in hard copy or digitally in any scale. I will be happy to show hard-copy during a legitimate job interview.

Drafting Table
I designed and built this drafting table after I was a
CAD expert because I still like traditional drafting.

For Nancy Lerner
Another drafting for Interior Designer Nancy Lerner. Pencil, 2000

House Beautiful
House Beautiful/Art Directors Guild ; Hollywood Bungalow Project. A still photo
spread in House Beautiful magazine and tour at Pacific Design Center,
July 13 to August 31, 2000.

Displays for Conventions
Corporate displays for conventions.
Designs by West Coast Displays, Oxnard California.

Kris' Apartment
Kris' Apartment. An apartment typical of early 20th Century San Francisco.

Batman and Robin Undercarriage, miniature Batmobile. Pencil. 1997

Drafting Resume

Updated: April 18, 2002

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Full Credits

Updated: April 30, 2003

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Web Design

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